What do you get for your money?

 It is important that every customer gets the best learning experience.

PSLdrive take pride in the training methods used to achieve the best results for every customer.

Driving lessons should always be fun and enjoyable - while constantly learning and improving skills.

So WHAT will you as a customer get for your money?


  • One to One - No dropping off other pupils during your lesson time
  • No filling up with petrol - unless you would like to know how to
  • I guarantee your lessons will always be the full length of time

Pupil Notes Booklet

  • Page for every new topic / skill
  • Clear step by step instructions
  • Used for private practice / recapping before next lesson
  • Theory Tips
  • Important safety checks detail

Mock Test

  • Carried out about 4 weeks before the Driving Test
  • Conducted in same way as Official Driving Test
  • Same format of marking scheme
  • Conducted by a different instructor for true test conditions
  • Feedback highlighting areas for improvement

Theory Mock Test, Training & Advice