PSLdrive Lesson Plans & Prices

Tel: 029-20732667


(1½ hour lessons)

Hourly Rate £24 per hour

Cash / Cheque / PingIt / PayM

Credit / Debit Card*

Chip & Pin reader used in-car or payment can be taken over the phone
Payments can now be made via Barclays PingIt mobile service & the PayM mobile payments system (free of charge)PayMPingIt
Single Lesson 1½ hour £36

10½ hours (7 x 1½hrs) £231
Saving of £2 per hour - 8% £21 discount
21 hours (14 x 1½hrs) £441
Saving of £3 per hour - 12½% £63 discount

Refresher Lesson / Parking Lessons

£24 per hour

Motorway Lesson

(Recommended 1½ or 2 hour lesson)
£26 per hour (£39 for 1½hr or £52 for 2hr lesson)

ADI Instructor Training

Part 1 & 2 - £26 per hour
Part 3 - £30 per hour

Intensive Training

PSLdrive do not conduct intensive courses because we have found that Intensive training course don't usually work well. There's too much pressure on the pupil to concentrate on learning the whole set of driving skills within a short span of time. Usually intensive courses start on a Monday morning and by the Friday afternoon you have to take the test whether you are ready or not. There's no time to cancel or postpone the driving test. Remember there are a lot of skills to be learnt and perfected before a test can be considered. Also, before a test can be booked you must have passed the Theory Test (including the new Hazard Perception Test).

If however you consider that an intensive course is what you require, then please contact us as I will try and find you an instructor who will help.

* Debit/Credit Card Charges

We hope you understand that to enable you to pay by credit or debit card we must ask you to pay towards the charges.

These charges that we ask you to pay are less than the amount which we are charged by the card merchant bank - therefore we pay some and you pay some.

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